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That was really good.

I can't get enough of those jokes, I crack up every single time. Nice job on this flash. I took off one star because of the violence at the end. Sick.

Also, I couldn't help but realize that the ice cream scoop looked like a penis (not that I was looking for one lol).

All in all, nice movie. Make more ;)

Mariowned responds:

I never noticed if it did look like a penis, but everyone loves penis and fart jokes right! :P

You're getting better Tristan!

I remember when you first submitted Moneybags, it was alright, but the animation and graphics needed some tweaking. You've gotten much better at Flash, and this movie proves it. I could only suggest less motion tweening. All in all, great movie!

Nice job,

Greth-of-choas responds:

Ah thank you very much. And yes :') I think I have gotten better :). My next movie though, there is going to be A LOT of frame by frame animation so this takes out the "tweening". I guess I can post a demo of it on newgrounds. Check it out!

Well, it WAS clock day...

It was clock day, I'll give you that. Just add some animation, after all, Newgrounds isn't a place for one-frame Flash movies. Sorry to give you a low rating...

Good luck and work on it,

Idiot-Finder responds:


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Very cool!

This game is very cool! Aside from the bad spelling and grammar, which, I assume, is probably used for show, this game is "tha shit"! I could only recommend that the gameplay be a little improved when you try to run. You seem to run a little bit slowly. Aside from these two things, VERY nice game!

Good luck, make more,


Well, I've been using various tutorials for various projects, and this one is great! You really helped me with my perspective. There isn't anything to criticize here.



Well, it was alright, it's nice to see a change form the usual spam you guys submit.
This shows that you guys actually HAVE some talent, instead of spamming the portal you should try and work on some good flashes and submit them (not stolen), keep up the... work.


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I don't think your music could get any better! Although, seeing as you HAVE managed to get better I would probably end up wrong.


Lol it wouldn't let me put 11 :(.


F-777 responds:

Thanks for the review.

nice job!

You get better and better as you go along Tristan, I wish you told me you made another audio submission. Make more you're good at it :).


Greth-of-choas responds:

Why thank you :) and for now I will tell you :).

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